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Reporter will do bookkeeping automatically and give you 100% accurate information. All of your Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Expenses, Profits etc. will be tracked. Managing the business will be a lot easier and your life will be very much tension-free.

Why Reporter Software?

✅ Reporter will minimize your everyday workload.
✅ All information will be 100% accurate.
✅ You can monitor your business from a distance.
✅ Reporter will check stealing of money and goods.
✅ You will get reminders and insights to increase revenue.
Accounting and inventory management software in Bangladesh

All-In-One Software for Business

You can manage your entire business using Reporter software and get instant updates on business health. You will be able to remotely view every business transaction. Understand what needs to be done by seeing business trends and up-to-date reports.

Sales & Payment Collection

When a sales invoice is created in Reporter, customer’s statement, product inventory, and other accounts are instantly updated. You can charge for various services in the invoice and can generate recurring invoices at once. You can collect money in installments too. Reporter will provide a reminder when the payment date approaches. You can see how many sales occurred in which region, and how many sales were made by which representative. If you wish, you can create price quotations, select products by scanning barcodes, print invoices on POS printers, and send SMS & WhatsApp messages to customers.

Accounts Receivables

Purchase & Supplier Payment

All information regarding purchases can be keet in Reporter. Along with saving the purchase bill or invoice, the supplier’s statement, product inventory, and other accounts will be automatically updated. You can view advance payments to suppliers and information on product returns. You can also send mobile SMS to supplier as soon as you pay them. You can instantly see the total amount paid, which invoices are still outstanding, and how much money the supplier will receive. You can view chronological transaction history in the supplier’s statement.

Accounts Payables

Inventory Management

Entry and exit of each product in and out of stock will be tracked. Reporter will provide alerts when the product stock decreases. You can attach Barcodes or Serial Numbers to the products. Optionally, you can print barcodes and attach them to the products. During sales and purchases, you can mention product quantity combining multiple measurement units (e.g., 5 boxes 2 pieces). You will be able to manage multiple warehouses or branches and view warehouse-based accounts. Additionally, you can include various services (such as loading, unloading, etc.) alongside the products in invoices.

stock tracking and management

Expense Management

In business, money is spent on various accounts every day. You can create and organize these expense accounts (such as employee salaries, transportation, electricity bills, etc.) in Reporter according to your preferences and can see how much money has been spent on each account. Using voice commands in Reporter, you can easily enter expense details without typing and simply by speaking.

Business Expense

Money Tracking

Tracking money is extremely easy in Reporter. You can use multiple payment methods (cash, bank account, bKash etc.) for transactions and can audit easily whenever money goes missing. Payment methods can be added as needed and money can be transferred from one account to another. In additon, business owners, partners, and investors can have their own account so that deposits and withdrawals of money can be tracked properly. They can view statements and see complete history of their financial activities.

Financial Statements

Business Reports

You can see any required information instantly in Reporter. For example, you can see daily purchases, sales, collections, payments, and expenses as well as the total amount receivable from customers and the total amount payable to suppliers etc. at a glance. Graphical charts are available to show you the comparison of sales and customer payments, top products, top customers etc. You can see the detail of item movement, money transfer, profit-loss calculations, trends in purchases and sales over the past 12 months, and other useful details.

Business dashboard

Special Features

Reporter offers several special features in addition to the necessary features. These features will speed up your daily tasks, make your business operations smoother and reduce your mental stress.

Data Security

Backup data on your computer. Sync to Google Drive.

Fast & Easy-to-use

Simple & easy interfaces with fast speed.

Voice Command

Enter data without typing and simply by speaking.

Bengali / English

Users can choose language (Bangla/English) at will.

Offline-Online Sync

Enter data when offline, sync to server when online.

Free SMS

Get business updates via mobile SMS on your phone.

Training & Support For Every User

To help you use Reporter the right way, we will give you all the support you need. There are video tutorials, unlimited training, and lots of help available for Reporter users.

Free Training

Our trainer will train you and answer all the questions you migh have.

Email Support

Users can communicate over email and get help and support by our experts.

User Guide

Easy-to-understand user guide to show you how to use the software.

Phone Support

Support is provided also through Phone and WhatsApp conversation/chat.

Video Tutorial

Video tutorials with annotations will teach you all the necessary features.

On-demand Tech Support

You will get dedicated online remote support on demand.

User Feedback

Because of the reliability and easy-to-use interfaces our users love using Reporter software. Here’s what some of our customers think about it. To see more reviews, check out the Review section on our Facebook page (

We as a Software Company in Bangladesh

At IT Liner, our commitment lies in delivering custom software solutions that precisely meet the unique requirements of our clients. We are at the forefront of innovation in the software industry of Bangladesh. Since 2015, our developed software has been widely accepted by customers. We have developed multiple B2B software solutions, and we have earned customer satisfaction by providing quality service in Bangladesh as well as in several countries worldwide. To learn more about our work and portfolio, please visit our website or contact us.

software company in bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the software offline (without an internet connection)?

Offline, Online, or Offline+Online — Reporter can be used in any way.

  • Offline: Can be set up and used on a computer without needing an internet connection.
  • Online: Can be used from anywhere on a mobile phone, computer, or tablet. Requires an internet connection.
  • Offline+Online: Data can be entered on the computer without internet and after the internet becomes active, data can be synced or coordinated online from any location on a mobile phone, computer, or tablet.
Do you provide shared hosting for online users?

We do not use the same hosting for multiple customers. That means, instead of opening separate accounts for each customer in the same software, we host the software separately for each customer. As a result, the software and database used by one customer are not used by another customer. This ensures the security of the software, maintains data integrity, and achieves optimal performance.

Do all online customers use the same link and login page?

We create sub-domains under the customer’s business name, meaning we generate independent links. By visiting this link, a customer can securely log in to their own login page and access the software.

Who will have access to the software?

In Reporter, only you and your authorized users will have access. Apart from them, no one else will have access. Additionally, you can control what information a user can see and what tasks they can perform.

How is data security ensured?

For offline users, the entered data is stored on the user’s computer. And for online users, it is stored in the cloud, which the user can easily download and keep on their computer. Additionally, the entire data of the software can be automatically synced to the user’s Google Drive. Therefore, data remains secure, and there is no fear of data loss.

Can multiple users use the software simultaneously?

Multiple users can indeed use the software simultaneously. If new user accounts are needed or if users want to control access rights or set permissions, please contact us.

I need a feature that is not available in the software. How can I get it?

If you need a feature or option that is not available in the software, please contact us.

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