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Reporter Software

Simple & Easy-to-use Software for Small Business

Software for Inventory Management & Accounting – Available in Web Based (Cloud) and Desktop versions.

Download Reporter for free to try out before buying. Yearly license costs only 35 USD.

Why Reporter Software?

Reporter is an Accounting & Inventory Management Software for small business. It helps manage business finances easily and provides insightful reports for business growth. It is simple, secure and easy to use.
Accounting and inventory management software in Bangladesh

Accounting with Inventory Management

Sales & Collections

Sales invoices can easily be generated using your company logo. When the invoice is created, the ledgers/accounts will be updated instantly and automatically. You can easily record the payments made by the customer. You can see how much money has been collected, which invoices are still outstanding, and who owe you money.

Accounts Receivables

Purchases & Payments

Purchase invoice can be made for suppliers at will. When the invoice is created, the accounts will be instantly updated. You can easily keep track of the payments made to your suppliers. You will how much has been paid, which bills are still unpaid and who you owe.

Accounts Payables

Inventory Tracking

It’s easy to track the entry and exit of each item from your warehouse or inventry. During sales and purchases, current amount of items will be automatically updated. Plus, the amount of items in the inventory can be adjusted whenever necessary.

stock tracking and management


You will find all the reports needed to understand the business trajectory and for business growth. The detail and summary of past transactions can be fetched immediately. All the necessary data and information can be seen instantly with ease. Any reports can be saved and preserved.

Financial Statements

Best Features

Easy to Use

Fast & Secure

Unlimited Entry

Data Backup & Restore

5-Minute Setup

Dedicated Support

Simple Pricing For Every Business



Money-back Guarantee

  • Everything in Premium Package
  • Custom Features
  • Mobile App



Money-back Guarantee

  • Everything in Standard Package
  • Online Payment Collection
  • Multi-store



Free Trial

  • Sales & Purchases (Cash/Credit)
  • Customer & Supplier Ledgers
  • Inventory Tracking & Notification
  • Income-Expense & Profit-Loss Statements
  • Graphical Dashboard & Reports
  • SMS and Email Alert
  • Data Backup & Restore
  • Single Store
  • Dedicated Training & Support

Help & Support For All Businesses

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials to get you started with Reporter.

Email Support

Email support for valuable advice and help from our experts.

Chat Support

Chat support to answer your queries and solve your problem.


Wide range of Knowledgebase articles to answer your queries.

On-demand Support

Dedicated on-demand one-on-one support (paid).

We as a Software Company in Bangladesh

We are an innovative software company in Bangladesh specializing in small business software. We create beautiful and user-friendly software according to our clients’ needs. Our software products are widely appreciated by our clients. We have developed several successful business software and have achieved great customer satisfaction by providing quality products in more than 15 countries. To learn more please visit our website or get in touch.

software company in bangladesh

Feedback on Reporter Software

  • Kazi Shahidul Hasan
    Reporter software is essential for tracking sales and receivables in our business. Using Reporter we can easily see how our sales representatives are performing in the market. The software is very easy to use and it saves us a lot of time by handling the bookkeeping part for us.
    Kazi Shahidul Hasan
    Managing Director, Innovative Pharma, Bangladesh

Top Accounting & Inventory Software Questions

Can the software be used online?

Yes, the software can be hosted in the Cloud and can be used from anywhere. You may host the software on your server. If we host the software on our server for you, a small monthly fee will apply. To know more please contact us.

Is the data entered in the software safe and secured?

Yes. The software is password protected and the data entered in the software will be available and visible only to the authorized users. Plus, data backup can be taken at any time..

How many people/users can use the free Reporter Software?

Multiple people can use the software. Kindly let us know if you need new user accounts.

What operating systems does Reporter Software run on?

Reporter can be installed and run on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide both FREE and PAID support. Our phone and email support is free. But for dedicated hands-on training/support, minimum fee of $10 will apply.

I need a particular feature/option but software doesn't have it. How can I have it in the software?

If you need any additional feature or any kind of customization, feel free to let us know. Charges may apply depending on your requirements.

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